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Ekua Ceramics

Seafoam Green Colored Clay

Seafoam Green Colored Clay

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Let us make your life easier!
Creating colored clay from scratch can be incredibly time-consuming. Now, you don't have to go through the hassle!

Discover our Colored Clay, specially formulated with unique stain blends that produce stunning finishes when fired to cone 5. Ideal for artists and crafters who want to infuse their work with beautiful, vibrant colors.

Our clay is a highly plastic stoneware, smooth in texture and pleasure to throw.
Perfect for using alone or mixing with other colors. Whether you're practicing Nerikomi or working on other projects, our clay is the perfect choice.

Can be bought in increments of 1LB or 5LB.

Slight variations might occur.

Average shrinkage: 12%.
Firing Temperature: Cone 5

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